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Have you ever wanted to post something you're selling or an upcoming event to those who work with you or live closest to you? Now Vibe has a solution. This simple form and workflow combination will be perfect for posting all of those things.

Figure 1: Classified Ad Form

Figure 2: Classifieds Workflow


The form is similar to other very popular web hosted classified solutions you may be familiar with. It requires some essential information and allows for up to 4 photos of the object or event being advertised. The workflow will sort the entries by category (Electronics, Auto, Video Games, etc). You may also create a workspace with a separate folder for each category and configure the workflow to filter entries into their respective folders. Another effective solution is to create filters on workflow states. This will allow you to view ads by topic at the click of a mouse.

Entries left 30 days will be flagged and a notification will be sent to the entry creator (originator of the ad) requesting action be taken (price reduction is recommended). Then it continues on until the seller marks the item sold.

This is a great way to advertise where ever you're using Vibe without cluttering up unnecessary workspaces. If you have any suggestions for modifications that can be made to future versions of this form please send them to

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


File Name Size Last Updated Version Deployment Time
3.86 KB 02/19/2010 Teaming 2, 2.1; Vibe OnPrem 3, 3.1; Vibe 3.2 45 minutes
8.44 KB 07/27/2011 Vibe OnPrem 3, 3.1; Vibe 3.2 15 minutes

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