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Employee Helpdesk


Automate the helpdesk ticketing process with this simple form and workflow.

Figure 1: Employee Helpdesk Form

Figure 2: Employee Helpdesk Workflow


This workflow was created to be customizable for many different helpdesk situations, where more experienced help desk representatives take up an issue if the less experienced tech is unable to resolve the problem. In this example, three different states represent the different experience levels of the technicians.

Front Line Technicians are those who are still learning about the different problems that arise in the company. They are in charge of filling out the initial information, and solving simple problems regarding forgotten passwords, printing, application questions, and deleted files.

The Escalation Technicians are more experienced, and have a broader knowledge database available. They have access to software vendors and software-specific knowledgebases.

Back Line Technicians, work with very technical problems and with security and access issues.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


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