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Expense Report


Use this form to gather and track business expenses and ensure that you are getting all the information necessary to make decisions that affect the business budget.

Figure 1: Expense Report Form

Figure 2: Expense Report Workflow


The Expense Report form and workflow allow you to gather and track all of your business-related expenses at the individual level. The workflow first submits an expense report to the Finance Department for financial tracking and then sends it to the Records Department for long-term storage. A copy of the expense report is also submitted to the Statistics Department to enable your organization to better manage and understand costs.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


File Name Size Last Updated Version Deployment Time
4.01 KB 02/19/2010 Teaming 2, 2.1; Vibe OnPrem 3, 3.1; Vibe 3.2 30 minutes to 2 hours
8.57 KB 07/27/2011 Vibe OnPrem 3, 3.1; Vibe 3.2 30 minutes

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