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Funding Request


This is a hierarchical approval process tailored to businesses. Depending on the amount needed for the project, the request is escalated until it reaches a person with sufficient authority to approve it.

Figure 1: Funding Request Form

Figure 2: Funding Request Workflow


If you're familiar with business approval processes, you know that they usually have redundant approval stages. In fact, the Resource Library has more than one approval process that contains multiple stages. We have received many requests to publish a simpler hierarchical approach to the approval process. The Funding Request form and workflow are for companies with a simple hierarchy for approvals.

The form is very simple. The title of the form is the name of the Attachment (the user can edit this, if desired). There is a text area to add a description or additional information. The imsmiate manager or first-line manager is also chosen through the form. Users will enter the amount requested and the fiscal year.

The workflow is clean and simple. The submitted request is sent to the chosen-first line manager for approval. Each approver, manager, director, VP marketing, and CFO can choose to approve or reject. All approvers, except the CFO, can choose to approve and pass it to the next approver, depending on the monetary amount of the request. Every approved request is sent through the processor to add any additional information to the request, such as approval number.

As with all forms and workflows on the Resource Library, the fields can have the name the user wants.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


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