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Incident Report-Waste


Use this form to report failed trash pickups, negligent neighbors, broken dumpsters, and any other waste-related incidents.

Figure 1: Incident Report-Waste Form

Figure 2: Incident Report-Waste Workflow


The idea for this form came from collaboration with a city government, but it can also be put to use in any brick-and-mortar facility or waste management company.

The accompanying workflow is designed for the quality control or maintenance department of your city government, business, or even a college/university campus. It is also designed for a citizen to submit the report from home. The information is received and entered into the form. The form, based on needs and responses, can be moved through the workflow in many different ways. The workflow has also been designed to prevent forms from "falling through the cracks," because those responsible are reminded when the request is inactive for a period of time. (You determine the time when you deploy the workflow.) In the workflow, you see a fire department node (state) and a police department node (state). These are examples of other departments that might be necessary in resolving related issues. These nodes can be renamed and assigned to any group or user within Vibe.

This form and its associated work flow are designed to streamline the work order/ticket process for reporting Waste related incidents. For related incident report forms check out Incident Report - Animal, Incident Report - Traffic, and Incident Report - Water.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


File Name Size Last Updated Version Deployment Time
4.77 KB 02/19/2010 Teaming 2, 2.1; Vibe OnPrem 3, 3.1; Vibe 3.2 1 hour
9.07 KB 07/27/2011 Vibe OnPrem 3, 3.1; Vibe 3.2 30 minutes

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