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Success Stories

Read how other companies and organizations benefit from using Vibe as their collaboration solution. Find links to a number of success stories in a variety of markets.

Beaverbrooks New!

By avoiding changes to its existing infrastructure, and by utilising its enterprise licensing agreement, Beaverbrooks was able to design, develop and deploy the Vibe solution at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Vibe is now the first port of call for all employees, acting as a gateway to internal information services. Users value the ability to quickly see what tasks they need to accomplish and what new information is available. They also use Vibe workflows to make holiday requests, and Beaverbrooks plans to add numerous other workflows.

SwitchDesk New!

As an IT solutions company with many diverse clients, SwitchDesk relied on the primary engineer assigned to each client to track key information about that account. If the primary engineer was unavailable to help with a problem, the client was left hanging. Now, with Vibe, no client has to wait for a solution.

Bexley UK NHS

From 1 April 2011 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Care Trusts across England were grouped into clusters with some sharing of management teams and board members. The aim of clustering arrangements is to release savings in management costs for investing in front line care whilst preserving sufficient functionality for PCTs to carry out their statutory functions until they are abolished, subject to legislation, in April 2013.

Gemeente Rijswijk (The Municipality of Rijswijk)

The Municipality of Rijswijk implemented Vibe collaborative software, improving staff efficiency by streamlining work processes and enabling easier access to shared information.

Martens en Van Oord

Martens en Van Oord, a Dutch civil engineering and construction contractor, knew that knowledge sharing and information exchange are crucial to its business success. To capitalise on the expertise and knowledge of its employees, the company implemented an intuitive solution to capture and disseminate the learning from past projects.

National Research Foundation

National Research Foundation selects Vibe as Document and Records Management platform.

Garden Valley

Garden Valley School Division uses Vibe to enable students to collaborate in a safe and supportive environment, and provide professional learning communities for teachers from twelve different facilities.

The Guarantee Company of North America

The Guarantee Company of North America was looking for a solution for collaboration and Adaris Technologies, a Platinum Partner, helped them find it with Vibe. The Guarantee Company of North America originally needed a discussion board but now they are using Vibe for much more.

LMU Munchen

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen (LMU Munchen) wanted to enhance staff, student and partner collaboration by creating a Web-based platform that would provide secure access to documents, blogs, wikis and many other Web 2.0 tools, as well as workflows to help manage administrative processes. By building the solution on Vibe, the University gained a highly flexible and extensible solution that aligns with its open source strategy.

Municipality of De Ronde Venen

The municipality of de Ronde Venen wanted to encourage employees to work together in new and better ways. Vibe provided the ideal collaborative tool to enable this. By allowing users to easily and securely share documents, the municipality is able to enhance employee productivity and improve the quality of their work.

Eppendorf AG

Eppendorf AG is a biotech company which develops, produces and distributes systems for use in life-science research laboratories worldwide. It was founded in 1945 with headquarter in Hamburg and has more than 2.000 employees worldwide. In order to improve the real-time collaboration of employees within the different divisions and countries, the CONET Solutions GmbH implemented on behalf of Eppendorf AG an integrated a gateway to the real-time services Skype and Microsoft MSN for Vibe. (Success story is in German.)

Texas General Land Office

The Texas General Land Office is an agency with a diverse mission that includes many programs. They needed a way to collaborate and manage tasks through their diverse business climate and reduce the time spent performing regular audits in the organization. Vibe was implemented for its robust feature set including managing project lifecycle, reuse of information, document management and task management. They now have a single environment with integrated team calendars, workspaces, wikis, blogs, and discussions. Information can be reused and re-purposed and documents can be managed electronically.

Open Horizons

Open Horizons is a global community of technology experts, administrators, power users, and users that creates content and events in support of organizations that use technologies. Open Horizons found it difficult to manage input from contributors across the globe, and to keep the edit/approval process in one place. Open Horizons chose Vibe to overcome these issues, so they could automate edit and approval processes to get work done fast.


Yard-IT is a fast-growing systems integrator and provider of hosted IT solutions. Yard-IT struggled to manage corporate resources while maintaining an accessible but secure knowledge repository. Yard-IT implemented Vibe and watched it become an integral part of achieving the company's goals of maintaining an easy-to-access secure solution, managing data and resources, and providing customers with low-cost solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.


Globetrotter, one of Europe's leading outdoor retailers, was quickly outgrowing its current IT solutions. After considering Microsoft Exchange, the company decided to go with a mixture of solutions. Collaboration has become an ever-increasing necessity in the workplace, and Vibe workspaces provided employees with hosted areas of collaboration to form expert teams, share and manage documents, track the status of company projects, and coordinate tasks and events.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service provides fire and rescue services to a local population of over 750,000 people and responds to more than 14,000 emergency calls yearly. With so much to manage, the organization was in dire need of a collaboration solution that allowed their workers to coordinate their efforts and work together efficiently. Their adoption of Vibe has helped them collaborate despite the challenge of employees working very different shifts and in a variety of areas. Vibe also allows ESFRS to manage their fire and rescue protocol and procedure as an online knowledge repository. ESFRS even manages their training on Vibe.

Netflex BV

Netflex BV is a specialist systems integration company that offers end-to-end solutions. All knowledge-based companies, like Netflex, risk losing valuable information if an employee decides to move to another opportunity. In order to minimize that risk and provide easy-access collaborative information and expertise, the company needed a solution that was fast, scalable, accessible, and affordable. Netflex turned to Vibe and found their corporate memory increase exponentially. End users gained the ability to search for relevant project information, to record current projects for future tasks, and to track project progress quickly and effectively. Vibe also empowered Netflex to organize teams and projects based on expertise and availability, and to use Vibe workflow functionality to eliminate inefficient overhead involved in paper approval processes.

Tuscaloosa City Schools

Tuscaloosa City Schools has more than 10,000 students and 1,300 faculty and staff across 22 schools. They want to go green, but they also encourage teachers and staff to work together in groups, which often requires travel. The schools implemented Vibe to eliminate paper process overhead, provide information assurance regardless of location, eliminate unnecessary travel, and enable a team, project, and classroom management tool for teachers and staff.


Viable, a next-generation video relay service provider for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons was experiencing many growing pains as it grew rapidly in just a few years. The company knew it needed to move from its unsupported operating system to a more scalable platform to better support its growing business. After shopping around, the company selected a mixture of solutions, including Vibe, to meet its needs.

Beech Grove City Schools

The Beech Grove City School District was in need of a more efficient way to manage its infrastructure across five schools and to consolidate its 22 servers scattered across different locations. With a limited budget, the school district saw the advantage of adopting solutions provided by us, including Vibe. The school district found Vibe to be a great collaboration tool that allowed teachers to share ideas, projects, parent and professional feedback, tasks, and calendar events without needing to travel.

Louisiana Department of Social Services

The Louisiana Department of Social Services has over 6,500 employees who are spread across 138 offices throughout the state. With a limited budget and a dire need to upgrade its operating platform, the department installed some solutions, including using Vibe to generate, share, and better manage documents in a safe environment, requiring only an Internet connection to access from anywhere.

City of Dublin, Ohio

The City of Dublin supports a diverse group of 20 departments and services. With so many departments, employees found it difficult to share information and coordinate by using email alone. After searching for a collaboration solution, the City of Dublin found Vibe to be the right fit. Vibe provided end users with the ability to create and manage teamwork without the help of IT. Teams could use blogs, wikis, discussions, or other methods of communication to generate and track ideas and information important to the city.

Richardson International

Assistant VP of Technical Services Paul Beaudry originally implemented Vibe in 2012 to replace an aging intranet portal. A year later, when his company acquired a food processing firm with multiple locations, Vibe helped new employees make a seamless transitionfrom a Microsoft environment to a environmentin only one day.

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