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Use Cases

Get the most out of your Novell Vibe installation. Find out how you can use Vibe to solve a number of common business challenges.

Distributed Teams

Geographically distributed companies and organizations have the challenge of organizing projects and performing work without meeting face-to-face with team members. Planning projects and staying current on initiatives becomes more and more difficult. Novell Vibe provides a central area where team members can communicate, plan, and execute projects and tasks regardless of where they're located. With Novell Vibe, you'll find the ability to spin up teams of experts across distributed organizations, and you have the tools to help those teams stay current on tasks and information from anywhere.

Document Approval

Novell Vibe brings simplicity, consistency, and efficiency to both simple and complex document approval processes. Its customizable workflows streamline and automate approval processes. Its document rendering engine enables approvers to review and approve documents from any online Web browser. Automated notifications keep all stakeholders on track and up-to-date through every step of the process, enabling documents to be approved on time and with greater ease.

Document Lifecycle

From creation, life to end-of-life, Novell Vibe simplifies, automates and secures your document lifecycle management. Its customizable workflows automatically and correctly transition documents through every lifecycle stage. Automated notifications keep lifecycle stakeholders on task and up-to-date, ensuring documents progress in a timely manner through the lifecycle. Novell Vibe brings efficiency and secure accessibility to every stage in your document lifecycle management.

Document Management

With so many information types and document forms it becomes a very real challenge to centralize resources and information. Resources need to be accessible and easy to locate but flexible and secure enough to limit resource visibility when necessary. Novell Vibe allows documents to be saved, viewed, and edited in one central location. Strong search capabilities give Vibe users the power to find, reference, and share corporate knowledge. See how Novell Vibe can become the standard application for managing your documents.

Following Team and Project Progress

Novell Vibe makes it easy to keep team members updated on projects, people, and other areas of interest. It lets you follow people and places, easily see what's new and unread in your workspaces and folders, subscribe to email updates and RSS feeds, keep team members on task with workflow notifications, and view team feeds in your personal dashboard. Novell Vibe lets you stay current on team and individual progress in a way that increases productivity, improves quality of team deliverables, and saves money.


Novell Vibe brings content creation, approval, and publishing together into a single, unified environment that makes it easier for organizations to cost-effectively and efficiently enhance and augment their internal networks. It lets people easily view and securely access intranet resources from anywhere with Internet access, including from Web-enabled mobile devices. It empowers users to more easily create and share information, allows teams to better harness others' ideas, and enhances an organization's ability to leverage, organize, manage and profit from their knowledge resources.

Knowledge Repository

Novell Vibe makes it easy for users and teams to contribute, share and find the knowledge they need, while preserving that knowledge long after its original contributors have either left the organization. Through the use of secure, centralized workspaces, it facilitates an organization's ability to preserve, manage and make accessible the information that team members need to make better decisions, fuel innovation, do their jobs, and drive business success.

Mobile Workforce

As a next-generation, Web-based collaborative application, Novell Vibe provides mobile users anywhere, anytime access to information stored in their Vibe workspaces. It provides a lightweight, secure and easy to use mobile user interface designed for the specific needs of mobile users. It also provides HTML rendering of document formats not natively supported by many mobile devices. Novell Vibe empowers mobile users to stay productive by providing them continued access to the information they need to do their jobs.

Process Automation

The built-in workflow capabilities in Novell Vibe enable you to automate, streamline and enhance processes to save time, eliminate errors and improve overall efficiency. From simple to complex processes, Novell Vibe workflows can be easily customized to your unique needs, saving you time, reducing effort, and enabling team members to stay focused and keep business moving forward.

Project Collaboration

Novell Vibe provides a simple and powerful way to bring together the people, information and resources teams need in order to collaborate at the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. Team members can leverage Novell Vibe workspaces to store, organize and share all information related to a specific project, including documents, ideas, plans, research, milestones, tasks, expected outcomes, work in progress, and more.

Project Templates

Novell Vibe lets you easily create workspaces that can act as project templates to save you time and effort, while providing your projects the level of consistency that you need. It lets you quickly re-populate and re-purpose your project workspaces with key project information and resources, such as project standards, instructions, procedures, knowledgebases, tasks, milestones, forums, wikis, and whatever you need to spin up your project in a fast and comprehensive manner.


Novell Vibe allows organizations to create a central, unified platform for learning that eliminates geographic and time zone barriers, enables anytime anywhere access to training materials, provides multiple communication mediums for enhancing the learning experience, and reduces travel expenses and costs associated with distributing and maintaining training materials.

Virtual Teams

Novell Vibe makes it easy to bring together virtual teams with the right people and the right skills in secure online workspaces where they can easily interact. The centralized workspaces in Novell Vibe combine with its array of team management and collaboration tools to overcome geographic, time, departmental, and organizational barriers needed for successful collaboration, while facilitating the creation of powerful virtual teams that can be tailored to tackle whatever problems, goals or tasks the project or organization requires.

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