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Technical Specifications

Implementing Novell Vibe

Basic Installation

A basic installation lets you implement a fully functional Novell Vibe site with all required options configured and components installed on the same server. If you are new to Vibe, a basic installation is the easiest way to get started. You can later add advanced configuration options after you have successfully installed and tested your basic installation of Vibe.

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Advanced Installation and Reconfiguration

The Novell Vibe Installation program provides several optional advanced installation and configuration alternatives. You can implement the advanced options after performing a Basic installation option, or you can choose to have the installation program present all the options together.

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Multi-Server Configurations and Clustering

The default location for the Novell Vibe database is on the same server with the Vibe. However, for better performance and scalability, you can install the database server on a separate server. You can also run Novell Vibe on multiple servers for higher availability.

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