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Remote Networking and Network Access Security: Novell BorderManager

Features and Benefits

You're not alone: network security remains a top priority for organizations worldwide. To safeguard your network against internal and external threats, you need Novell® BorderManager® 3.8. Strong and reliable, Novell BorderManager includes firewall and VPN technologies that protect networks and resources, while ensuring network access security and end-user productivity.


From firewall and VPN functionality to Internet access control and content filtering, Novell BorderManager offers an array of features to protect your network and its resources. Specifically, Novell BorderManager does the following:

  • Secures remote access to network resources
  • Provides IPsec-based VPN services
  • Works with IPsec-certified products
  • Supports open standards (including LDAP)
  • Supports advanced authentication
  • Offers browser-based administration
  • Includes Novell Client Firewall 2.0
  • Supports key content-filtering solutions
  • Provides firewall services (certified by ICSA Labs)
  • Leverages NICI, a FIPS-140 validated encryption engine


With Novell BorderManager, your organization can do the following:

  • Protect network resources and data
  • Deliver secure network access to remote users
  • Ensure employee productivity
  • Block undesirable Internet content
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Reduce costs by optimizing bandwidth use
  • Avoid liability exposure

Using Novell BorderManager, you can protect your resources, improve productivity and significantly reduce costs. Other Novell Security and Indentity services—including provisioning, Web access management and single sign-on—are also available to help you create a comprehensive secure identity management solution for your entire organization.

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