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Novell BorderManager: Network Content Filtering


"Our system has never been hacked. As a precautionary step, we even hired a vendor to assess system security. BorderManager passed with flying colors—exactly what we've come to expect from Novell."

Richard Owrey
Director of Systems, Ellwood Group, Inc.

Novell BorderManager 3.8 includes premier firewall and VPN technologies that safeguard your network and help you build a secure identity management solution. With the powerful directory-integrated features in Novell BorderManager, you can conduct employee internet monitoring, so you can keep an eye on users' Internet activities and control their remote access to corporate resources.

Moreover, Novell BorderManager provides Internet access control and supports numerous network content filtering solutions. These features protect your network from undesirable Internet content, including programs that destroy or steal data, games that waste users' time and Web pages that expose your company to legal liability.

deliver secure, convenient access

Whether your employees are mobile or remotely based, Novell BorderManager helps them stay productive. The Novell BorderManager VPN features and directory integration give remote and mobile employees secure, role-based access to only those legacy systems they are entitled to use. This means that they can enjoy direct, secure access to the file, print and e-mail applications they need, from wherever they're working.

Novell BorderManager supports open standards and works with any fully compliant Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory. This integration enables you to manage users' access at a granular level: by service, node or network address, URL, time of day, group membership and more.

use advanced authentication methods

Novell BorderManager supports more than 50 advanced authentication methods, easily surpassing the number offered by any other VPN solution on the market. As a result, your mobile employees can use tokens, smart cards, x.509 certificates, biometrics and other supported methods—alone or in combination—to securely access data via the VPN.

protect and accelerate network resources

Novell BorderManager uses Novell Client Firewall 2.0 and an ICSA Labs Certified Corporate Firewall to safeguard VPN clients and other network resources. At the same time, its proxy services ensure that authorized Web content reaches users swiftly, boosting productivity and optimizing bandwidth use.

block undesirable content

As part of its access-control functionality, Novell BorderManager also supports Internet content-filtering categories and databases from partners such as SurfControl, N2H2 and Connectotel. This support prevents undesirable and potentially dangerous content from entering your network, disrupting operations and distracting employees.

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