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Wherever your employees work, Novell® BorderManager® helps them stay productive. The Novell BorderManager VPN—now available for both Linux and NetWare®—gives remote and mobile employees secure, role-based access to only those systems they are entitled to use. Better yet, you can manage this access at a granular level: by service, node or network address, URL, time of day, group membership and more. With BorderManager, you can be confident that only authorized personnel have direct, secure access to essential file, print and e-mail applications.

To provide an additional layer of security, the Novell BorderManager VPN client supports more than 50 advanced authentication methods. These methods include tokens, smart cards, x.509 certificates, biometrics, pre-shared key authentication and more. BorderManager also features corporate firewall services (certified by ICSA Labs) to safeguard your VPN clients and other system resources.

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