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Business Continuity Clustering

Features and Benefits

Data access is crucial for today's enterprises. To avoid the many consequences of downtime—including unsatisfied customers, idle employees and delayed projects—you need to know that your systems will be available 24/7, no matter what occurs. Micro Focus Business Continuity Clustering not only eliminates downtime, but it also automates the configuration and management of your business-continuity solution. This saves you time, minimizes the possibility of human error and reduces your total cost of ownership.


Built on Cluster Services™ (NCS) and Open Enterprise Server, Business Continuity Clustering helps protect your enterprise by providing:

  • Integration with an enterprise-caliber directory, which delivers single-click migration of services, configurations and data from one cluster to another
  • Multi-site clusters to ensure seamless data transfer in the event of service interruption or severe calamity
  • Automated network differences among data centers (i.e. dynamic adjustment of name-to-IP-address resolution when data centers have different subnets)
  • Remote synchronization of user and trustee metadata for secure recovery
  • Storage of third-party Perl or other SAN-management scripts in eDirectory pool objects to manage devices comprising a Storage Services pool
  • Deployment through Identity Manager eDirectory™-to-eDirectory drivers (formerly DirXML eDirectory-to eDirectory drivers), Micro Focus iManager v2.x plug-ins and third-party storage-array management integration
  • Protection for numerous server-based applications and databases (such as GroupWise®, Apache, MySQL, PHP and other J2EE web Applications) or those using native file access protocols of client workstations (including Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, web and Internet clients and servers)
  • Massive scalability for management of up to four clusters of 32 server nodes (a total geographic cluster of 128 server nodes


Business Continuity Clustering offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents disruption of enterprise services and ensures that business proceeds as planned
  • Delivers automated configuration and management of high-availability clusters, eliminating time-consuming manual updates and reducing possible data-entry errors
  • Complements and enhances third-party storage and hardware technologies
  • Helps ensure regulatory compliance
  • Accommodates rapid business growth and expansion

With Business Continuity Clustering, you can be confident that your systems are always available. Even if one of your data centers is damaged or goes offline indefinitely, you can continue to meet customer demands, maintain a web presence and keep business flowing smoothly.

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