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Micro Focus iManager

Micro Focus iManager provides a global view of your network from one browser-based tool, allowing you to proactively assess and respond to your changing network demands. With Micro Focus iManager, you can manage Open Enterprise Server, Identity Manager, Micro Focus eDirectory™ and many other Micro Focus services—from a web browser. In addition Micro Focus iManager provides a single point of administration for directory objects, schema, partitions, replicas and many other network resources. This centralized web-based management allows you to eliminate administrative redundancy, saving both time and money.

Delegated Administration

Micro Focus iManager also provides a number of advanced capabilities that take network administration to a new level. Most notably, Micro Focus iManager features delegated administration, which allows you to assign individuals with specific management tasks and duties. Delegating simple administrative tasks like resetting passwords or adding network printers allows you, the network administrator, to focus on strategic projects that more directly affect the company's bottom line. In addition, the product runs on a variety of operating systems, including SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Open Enterprise Server, NetWare®, Red Hat Linux, and Windows. This multi-platform support gives you flexibility in where and how you deploy the management console. This helps address the challenge of managing complex, heterogeneous networks in which a wide range of applications are running on a variety of operating systems.

Other innovations in Micro Focus iManager include integrated Plug-in update and download and the Plug-in Studio, which allows you to create a customized management interface without writing a single line of code. Leveraging standard technologies and application interfaces, Micro Focus iManager provides an ideal architecture for the creation of a customized management interface. With Micro Focus iManager, secure, flexible network administration is only a browser away.

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