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  • Dynamic File Services Features

Dynamic File Services Features

Dynamic File Services provides intelligent tiering and archiving of file storage for Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Highlighted Features

Achieve greater storage efficiency by tiering data

Use Micro Focus Dynamic File Services to save money by tiering data between two storage locations while still giving users access to all their files through one merged view.

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Cloud storage archiving

Archive data to Amazon S3, Box, CloudMe, or Dropbox, using our intelligent policy engine to identify unstructured data (files & folders) hosted on Microsoft network shares, including a variety of third-party Storage platforms from leading hardware vendors, including Dell, EMC, HP, and NetApp.

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Web-based archive retention reviews

Web-based reviews for archived data hosted in the cloud. Gives ability to discard, or continue to archive based on compliance needs. All actions are tracked and can be audited.

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Schedule and deliver notifications

Schedule and deliver notifications to perform retention reviews via Twitter or email for archived data hosted in the cloud.

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File content policies

Move data to and from the cloud based on content of files rather than solely on file name, extension, or metadata.

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Reduce backup time

By moving inactive or rarely used data to a secondary location, you reduce the time necessary to back up the system.

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Integrate network attached storage with ease

Dynamic File Services supports using remote paths in a pair, such as published shares on network attached storage (NAS).

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Select archive retention reviewers

Ability to select archive retention reviewers based on Active Directory Identity.

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Access files in a merged view securely and transparently

Dynamic File Services allows you to manage storage without impacting users.

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Review retention data to keep, purge, or restore files

Dynamic File Services helps your company adapt to changing business needs and compliance demands. With Dynamic File Services you can easily review retention data and determine what needs to stay, what you should get rid of, or even restore.

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Offload retention data to less expensive storage

A retention pair allows you to tier data between an active storage location and a retention repository.

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Run policies whenever you want

Policies allow you to control what type of files are moved and when they are moved.

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Preview policies before running

Dynamic File Services allows admins to preview new policies and verify their functionality before putting them into production.

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