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File Content Policies

Enforces content policies and moves data

With Dynamic File Services you can set up policies which will move data to and from your secondary file servers (both On-Prem and cloud) based on the content of files, rather than solely on a file's name, extension, or metadata.


Dynamic File Services helps you define your policies based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Age of File
  • Size of File
  • File Ownership
  • Group Membership
  • Access/Modification Times
  • File Type


File content policies are extremely useful in helping you with compliance issues as well as helping to deliver greater file server efficiency.

For example, say you have a corporate policy forbidding the storage of music files on work computers. Despite sending out several emails reminding everyone of the policy, you suspect that people are still keeping music under hidden file names on your servers, and you have to back it all up.

Rather than you spending the time and effort to open every file, content-based policies will do it for you. A content policy will open each file on a selected path and read the header to determine if the file actually matches its extension. If the file doesn't meet the content policy's requirements, it can be moved to a secondary path for examination, archiving or deleting.

  • Reduce Backup Time By moving inactive or rarely used data to a secondary location, you reduce the time necessary to back up the system. Read more
  • Integrate Network Attached Storage with Ease Dynamic File Services supports using remote paths in a pair, such as published shares on network attached storage (NAS). Read more
  • Select Archive Retention Reviewers Ability to select archive retention reviewers based on Active Directory Identity. Read more
  • Access Files in a Merged View Securely and Transparently Dynamic File Services allows you to manage storage without impacting users. Read more

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