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Reduced Backup Time Equals Costs Savings

Not all files are equal

Instead of backing up everything from corporate financial reports to someone's favorite mp3 files, Dynamic File Service helps you out by moving inactive or little used data to a secondary location, which reduces the time necessary to back up the system.

This means less data needs to be scanned for the daily backup of the primary path and you can back up the secondary path less frequently, without affecting user access to the data they use most often.

  • File Content Policies Move data to and from the cloud based on content of files rather than solely on file name, extension, or metadata. Read more
  • Integrate Network Attached Storage with Ease Dynamic File Services supports using remote paths in a pair, such as published shares on network attached storage (NAS). Read more
  • Select Archive Retention Reviewers Ability to select archive retention reviewers based on Active Directory Identity. Read more
  • Access Files in a Merged View Securely and Transparently Dynamic File Services allows you to manage storage without impacting users. Read more

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