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Run Policies Whenever You Want

Policies allow you to control what type of files are moved and when they are moved

Dynamic File Services is powerful because every policy runs independently, has its own schedule and applies to all pairs associated with it.

Dynamic File Services is flexible

  • Feel free to run a single policy at a time on a pair to enforce the policy's rules for moving data or, automate it by letting Dynamic File Services move files when they meet the filter options specified in the policies you've set up
  • If your business requirements demand more granular customization, you can configure multiple policies to run at the same time on a pair to enforce alternative rules for moving data
  • You can schedule the window of time when you want a policy to run by specifying the start time and duration of the run
  • Schedule a policy to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or on custom dates
  • Start and stop policies manually
  • Scheduled and unscheduled policies can be run manually for one or more of their associated pairs
  • Reduce Backup Time By moving inactive or rarely used data to a secondary location, you reduce the time necessary to back up the system. Read more
  • Integrate Network Attached Storage with Ease Dynamic File Services supports using remote paths in a pair, such as published shares on network attached storage (NAS). Read more
  • Select Archive Retention Reviewers Ability to select archive retention reviewers based on Active Directory Identity. Read more
  • Access Files in a Merged View Securely and Transparently Dynamic File Services allows you to manage storage without impacting users. Read more

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