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Novell File Reporter delivers detailed storage intelligence—providing the information you need to help curb the growth of “big data” and perform data loss analysis.

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Simultaneous Reporting of eDirectory and Active Directory Storage

Lets you report on storage resources in eDirectory and Active Directory at the same time.

With Novell File Reporter, it's easy to configure reporting for storage resources located in both eDirectory and Active Directory. Once configured, a single report can include file data across both directory services.

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Detail Reports

Automatically creates Detail reports when you click a specific listing in a File Data report

You can create Detail reports to get more information about certain aspects of certain reports. Just click a filename, file owner or file extension from a report. The new automatic report provides much more detail about the item you click.

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Custom Query Reports

Lets you create custom reports by querying the database for the exact information you want

Database administrators and others proficient with SQL commands can now create Custom Query reports that detail the exact information you want in a report.

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Integrates with Novell Storage Manager

Lets you report on storage specified in Novell Storage Manager policies

When specifying the target paths in a report definition, if you have Novell Storage Manager installed, you can also specify a Novell Storage Manager policy.

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Numerous Report Types

Providing you the exact information you need

Novell File Reporter offers an extensive set of report types designed to provide you the exact information you need.

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Storage Trending

A Volume Free Space report lets you view free space trending

View available Novell volume or Microsoft share disk space over a period of time

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Storage cost determination

Determine user or department storage costs

By entering a price per megabyte or gigabyte, you can determine which users, groups, or departments are costing you the most for file storage.

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Component of Novell File Management Suite

Find, Govern, and Relocate

Novell File Management Suite is a complete file management solution that finds, governs, and relocates data to optimize your network data and address compliance requirements for data management.

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