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Component of NFMS

Reporting data helps you set up NFMS storage policies

File Management Suite is the first offering to intelligently manage file storage for maximum business benefit.  It is an integrated offering that assesses and reports on user file storage, manages all tasks in the user lifecycle, and moves files to storage tiers–all based on user identities and customized policies.  File Management Suite helps you manage the chaos of files and file systems. It helps you gain efficiencies, ensure compliance, and lower costs, while making the most of existing storage infrastructure.

File Reporter inventories file systems to expose the "junk in the drawer." It delivers information that can be used to set policies for automation with the other products.

Storage Manager provisions and controls users' storage resources automatically, using customizable policies. This reduces manual administration and ensures compliance.

Dynamic File Services optimizes the use of storage resources by directing less relevant files to cheaper storage devices. This lowers the costs of hardware, power and cooling, and streamlines back-up processes, without affecting the end user.

File Management Suite provides the industry's only identity-driven, policy-based automated collaboration data management tools. It lets you put your information assets to the greatest use, while easing the administrative burden of costly storage management activities. It was designed to address the chaos of typical file storage environments. It provides automated reporting, provisioning, decommissioning, relocation, vaulting, and tiering. And everything is driven by your organizational policies based on employee identities.

File Management Suite adds tremendous value to your existing file servers, like Open Enterprise Server, Windows Server, and other third-party products, by freeing the knowledge locked inside.

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