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Multiple File-System Support

Reports on multiple file systems and operating systems

File Reporter can report on network-stored data on file servers running the following operating systems:

  • SUSE® Linux Enterprise
  • Open Enterprise Server 2 running either SUSE Linux Enterprise or Virtualized NetWare
  • NetWare®
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008 Sever

NFR Agents specific to each of the platforms above, reside on the server where it can examine various data volume types including NSS, Traditional, NCP, NTFS, Reiser, and ext3. The NFR Agents also capture file ownership information from Micro Focus eDirectory™, Microsoft Active Directory, or the SUSE Linux file system.

Through the NFR Agent, File Reporter takes a "scan" of the file system of the storage resource at the moment it is examined. A storage resource can be a server volume, a Storage Manager policy, a network folder path, or a Linux mount point. The scan includes comprehensive information on file types being stored, if these files are duplicated and if so, where they reside, when files were created, when files were last opened, and much more.

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