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Flexible Presentation Options

Filtering and exporting to Excel

File Reporter examines and reports on terabytes of files stored on the various storage devices in a network. But reviewing all of this data in a report at once is impractical and inefficient. As a best practice, reports should be viewed through filters which can present a fixed number of entries according to the criteria you wish to see.

For example, suppose you wanted to view the top 100 users whose files are taking up the most space on the network. To do so, you would simply set filtering parameters to present only the top 100 users by total size in descending order before generating the owner report.

Filtered reports can be saved as either HTML or CSV files, the latter which can be imported into spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. Once the data is entered into a spreadsheet, you can sort, group, or utilize the graphing features within the spreadsheet application to present your data.

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