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Complies with Data Loss Prevention Standards

Receive comprehensive, customized reports on data at rest, data in use and data identification

As you implement procedures for regulatory compliance, you should also think about implementing data protection and data loss prevention practices.

Data loss prevention’s objective is to avoid the loss or inappropriate access of sensitive data from network storage devices. File Reporter provides comprehensive reporting on data at rest, data in use and data identification.

With data at rest, File Reporter can demonstrate in specific detail your organization’s adherence to data retention rules. Reports can specify the data’s location and when users last accessed or modified it. Using these reports, you can determine, based on the sensitivity and importance of the data, whether you should take any additional precautionary measures, such as moving the data, archiving it or changing access rights. The longer your organization leaves data in storage, the more likely unauthorized individuals either inside or outside the network will retrieve it.

For data in use, File Reporter can provide file access and file modification reports as well as reports on file types. If users are storing inappropriate files, such as pirated music files, video files and so on, you can learn who has been storing the inappropriate files, where the files are located, how long they have been there and more. You can then take action to remove the inappropriate files so you are in compliance with your corporate regulations for network stored data.

With the ability to generate customized reports in eight different reporting categories, File Reporter can produce the data identification information you need so you adhere to compliance standards. File Reporter can also perform regularly scheduled reporting to keep you continually informed.

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