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Report Triggering

Triggers reports when defined thresholds are met

Effective network storage management includes ongoing vigilance in monitoring your storage growth. But sometimes regular reviewing of reports generated through File Reporter may be delayed or overlooked. Fortunately, File Reporter generates triggered reports that run when storage capacity thresholds are met, and then notify you of these triggered reports.

You define the threshold at which the triggered report is to be run. For example, if you want to know when a volume reaches 85 percent capacity, you simply enter that setting in the administrative interface. Then, when any volume on the network being monitored through File Reporter reaches 85 percent capacity, the triggered report is run and you are notified after its completion.

Once generated, you can filter the report based on any of the standard report types. For example, to view the files that you could possibly consider moving from primary storage to secondary or tertiary storage, or removing altogether, you could view an Access Date Age Report and filter the largest 100 files that have not been accessed in 12 months.

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