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Storage cost determination

Determine user or department storage costs

Novell File Reporter lets you generate any of the following report types:

The purchase of a primary storage device such as a storage area network (SAN) or a large blade server can be a very expensive storage network investment. The management of an organization that deploys such a device is certainly aware of the purchase cost, but what about the usage cost?

Novell File Reporter lets you indicate a monetary cost per megabyte of disk storage on a device and then, based on the disk space use by a user, group or department , determine what each is costing the organization. In fact, organizations could even charge departments for storage usage.

For a Fortune 1000 company whose storage is doubling every ten months, Novell File Reporter could not only inform the enterprise which departments are responsible for using the most storage, but be the means of charging these departments back for exceeding storage allocations.

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