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Transform business contacts into business currency

You can do a lot better than just keeping track of phone numbers and addresses. Your contacts are valuable business currency, so GroupWise helps you leverage them to their full potential. In fact, contact management in GroupWise is more than a digital “rolodex”—it's a powerful tool that helps you manage and build relationships.

Our business contact management features let you keep track of people, histories, agreements, connections and more, right within GroupWise. Display your contact information in ways that make sense to you. Add in all the details that give you a complete picture of who your contact is, and how to find them. For example, you can embed map-location capabilities, photos and other key information in each contact file.

Use the different variables you can drag into your contacts list to help you remember important details—like birthdays, anniversaries, retirement dates and more—that enhance your business and personal relationships. You can even do free/busy searches on your contacts' published calendars, so you'll know when they're available for a meeting.

And contacts never get lost when you manage them in GroupWise. "Find Contact" searches for contacts across all address books, and a quick filter searches for partial matches on many of the possible fields. You can make notes within each contact history (just like you can in many Contact Management systems). These notes are time-stamped and also appear on the Notes section of your calendar—allowing you to track anything you deemed important enough to jot down on a given day.

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