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Since when did you NOT need to collaborate with people outside of your organization? In a global marketplace you need simpler ways to interact with, collaborate with, and even schedule meetings with those beyond your corporate borders. GroupWise enables this cross-boundary calendaring by letting you subscribe to external calendars and publish your own calendar and free/busy information to external colleagues—even those on different messaging systems. And GroupWise 2012 introduces all-new enhancements that simplify common calendaring tasks like setting recurring appointments and delegating or modifying existing appointments.

If you commonly set recurring appointments, take advantage of a new graphical interface that lets you specify daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timeframes—and then graphically displays the dates you select. And if you need to see (or manage) several users’ calendars at once, you’ll have more than the standard side-by-side view to work with. Now proxy calendars can be overlaid in a color-coded fashion that makes it even easier for administrative assistants and others to manage the availability of users, conference rooms, projectors and other resources.

If you’ve been scheduled for a meeting and the sender later adds a new attendee or attachment to the appointment, should you have to re-accept? Of course not! So GroupWise 2012 leaves the original appointment in your calendar, but gives you a handy yellow bar to indicate that appointment details have changed. Enhancements like these reduce scheduling headaches, eliminate calendar clutter and simplify the fundamental process of putting your collective heads together to get things done.


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