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GroupWise End User License Agreement Update

With the release of GroupWise 2014, we are making the following changes to the End User License Agreement:

  • Licensing for GroupWise will now be counted on a per-mailbox, not a per-user, basis.
  • GroupWise entitlements for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Messenger, and GroupWise Mobility Service will require active maintenance.
  • The former WebAccess/Messenger license will now be called a Limited license.
  • A new Inactive license is available for mailboxes that have not been used for more than 60 days, but need to remain available for eDiscovery/compliance purposes.
  • Provisions for test mailboxes (2 mailboxes per post office) and test systems (with as many as 25 mailboxes) have been added. These mailboxes can be used without a license as long as they are not in production.

For more details, please refer to the product EULA or our customer-facing FAQ.

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