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GroupWise Competitor Comparison

See how GroupWise 2014 stacks up against Microsoft Office 365.

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GroupWise 2014

Microsoft Office 365

Installation and Deployment Best of class Cloud deployment, no on-premises option
Platform Flexibility Choice of server OS (Open Enterprise Server, Linux or Windows) No platform choice
Directory Flexibility Support for NetIQ eDirectory, Active Directory or a no directory option Only Active Directory supported
Web Administration Console Yes Little to no control over administration for Office 365
Admin Web Services API Yes Limited
Scriptable Admin Functions Yes Not applicable; no access to admin functions
Security Recognized as one of the most secure email and collaboration platforms No way to know who has access to your confidential company information
Upgrade Options Options include upgrading in-place or migrating to new server hardware on the server side; client upgrades can be done using a phased approach. No control over when software is upgraded; changes made at vendor’s discretion
Global Signatures Yes Yes
Preloaded Personal Signatures Yes Yes
Flexible Email Compose Options Yes Yes
Welcome/Tutorial Page Yes Yes, but less dynamic
Search, then Open and Navigate to Folder Yes No
Robust Message Tracking Yes No
“Silent” Email Retraction Yes No
Instant Messaging Included Yes Yes (Lync Online)
Task Management Yes Separate application with Office 365
Contact Management Yes Yes
Shared Address Books Yes Yes, but does not handle external addresses globally
Server-side LDAP Authentication Yes Yes via Active Directory (AD) or LDAP integration at AD level
Easy Moving of Users between Servers, and Ability to Monitor the Move Yes, monitoring tool allows for backing out of the move and resolving issues on the fly No ability to control user moves or other administrative changes
Smart Caching Yes Yes
Routing Slips (workflow processing) Yes No
Clustering Support Yes Yes
Microsoft Word Text Editor Yes Yes, but only when connecting Outlook desktop to Outlook 365
LibreOffice Text Editor Yes No
Inline Replies No Yes
Saved Filters Yes Yes, but only unread.
Quick-View of History Per Contact Yes No
Feature-Rich, Customizable Home View Yes–enhanced even more in GroupWise 2014 Limited to available templates; full customization requires development tools and expertise
External Free/Busy Search Yes No, only with other Exchange systems. No free/busy search with non-Exchange email systems.
Browse Team Collaboration Sites/Files/Folders from Email Yes, natively with Micro Focus® Vibe Yes, natively with SharePoint
Add Web Panels to Home View (Today View) Yes No, only weather
Broad Support for Mobile Devices Yes Yes
Licensing Per-mailbox license covers both client and WebAccess. Free SUSE Linux entitlement for the servers, Messenger (IM) and GroupWise Mobility Service (mobile device support) included. Microsoft promise is a simple low per-month, per-user fee, but watch for hidden costs and add-ons.
User Experience/Desktop Client Client supported across multiple platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac/WebAccess/tablet/mobile device) Client supported on Windows and new Mac OS
"Quick To" List Yes No
Relevance-Sorted Contacts, Folders, Categories Yes No
File Emails Yes, through multiple means (drag/drop, folder selection, navigation bar) Limited
Rules Yes Yes, but not as user-friendly
Calendar/Multiple Calendars Yes Yes
View Attachments Natively Yes, can view more than 600 file types without needing the application installed No, app or viewer must be purchased and installed
Duplicate Item Yes No
Preserve Attachments When Changing Item Type Yes No
Reminder Notes Yes No. Reminders can be set for appointments, tasks or email, but not as stand-alone notes
Random Patterns for Recurring Appointments Yes No
Management of Tasks Sent to Multiple Recipients Yes No
Automatic Updating/Revising of Appointments by Sender Yes Yes
Proxy Rights (Delegates) Yes Can share an account, but no proxy rights comparable to those in GroupWise
Folders Yes Yes
Shared Folders Yes Yes, but complicated.
Drag Content to Begin Email Yes No
Web Client Auto-Refresh Yes Yes
Full Proxy (Delegate) Capabilities in Web Client Yes No
Rich Busy-Search Capabilities Yes Yes
Native Phone Items Yes No
Navigation Bar Yes Yes

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