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GroupWise Competitor Comparison

See how GroupWise 2014 stacks up against Zimbra.

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GroupWise 2014


Installation and Deployment Best of class Appliance/custom install
Available On-Premises Yes Yes, with Network Edition
Available in a Hosted Deployment Yes, through third-party partners. Yes
Platform Flexibility Choice of server OS (Open Enterprise Server, Linux or Windows) Supported on Linux platforms (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu) only
Directory Flexibility Support for NetIQ eDirectory, Active Directory or a no directory option Only Active Directory support
Customization Robust set of Web Services APIs Zimlets can be used to add functionality
Security Recognized as one of the most secure email and collaboration platforms Security limited in open source version. No way to know who has access to your confidential company information in a cloud implementation.
Upgrade Options Options include upgrading in-place or migrating to new server hardware on the server side; client upgrades can be done using a phased approach. Upgrade options limited in open source version. No control over when software is upgraded; changes made at vendor’s discretion.
Web Administration Console Yes Little control over administration options in open source version
Coexistence with Competing Platforms Yes, with Exchange. No
Global Signatures Yes Yes
Welcome/Tutorial Page Yes No
Search, then Open and Navigate to Folder Yes No
Email Retraction Yes No
Ability to Forward Inline, as Attachment, Flat Forward and Delegate Items Yes Forward inline; no forward as attachment
Instant Messaging Included Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes
Contact Management Yes Yes
Saved Filters Yes No
Shared Address Books Yes Yes
Server-side LDAP Authentication Yes Yes
Routing Slips (workflow processing) Yes Requires Workflow Zimlet add-on
Rich Editing Capabilities When Composing Email Yes, full support for Microsoft Word or LibreOffice word processing capabilities Limited HTML editing options
Attachment Preview Yes, with support for over 600 file types No, only provides a “View as HTML” option
Quick-View of History Per Contact Yes No
Threaded View on All Messages Yes No
Native RSS Reader Yes Yes
External Free/Busy Search Yes Can free/busy search to Exchange servers
Receive RSS Feed Subscription for File/Folder/Page Updates Yes Yes
Native Support for Mobile Devices Yes Yes, but requires Professional Edition.
Licensing Per-mailbox license covers both client and WebAccess. Free SUSE Linux entitlement for the servers, Messenger (IM) and GroupWise Mobility Service (mobile device support) included. Open source version available. Standard version sold on a per-mailbox basis. Professional version sold on a per-mailbox basis. Includes Zimbra Mobile, Zimbra Connector for Outlook, and Zimbra Archiving and Discover.
User Experience/Desktop Client Client supported across multiple platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac/WebAccess/tablet/mobile device) Client supported across multiple platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac)
Performance/Scalability Best of class Unproven
Relevance-Sorted Contacts, Folders, Categories Yes No
Hierarchical and/or Nested Folders Yes Yes
Rules Yes Yes
Multiple Calendars Yes Yes
Shared Folders Yes Yes
Offline Mode Yes Yes
Caching Yes Yes
POP/IMAP/NNTP Support Yes Yes
Native Personal Backup/Archiving Yes Yes
Proxy (Delegation) Yes Limited
Auto-Cleanup Yes Yes
Integrations with Other Desktop Apps Yes No, requires Zimlets.
Status Tracking Yes Yes
Change Item Type (“Change To”) Yes No
Digital Signatures/Encryption Yes Yes
Size Limits and Other Administrator Controls Yes Yes
Auto-Save Yes Yes
Export/Import AB, Email Yes Can export/import iCal
Dual Time Zones Yes Yes
Multi-User Calendar Yes Yes, limited views
Modify Appointment Yes Yes
Work Day Settings Yes Yes
Time Zone Settings Yes Yes
Native Support for Resources Yes Yes
Meets Data Governance Requirements Yes Like most cloud solutions, open source version can lead to data governance issues
Unlimited Attachment Size Yes Yes, on open source version
Unlimited Number of Message Recipients Yes Yes
Unlimited Number of External Messages Per User Per Day Yes Yes
Native Alias Support Yes Yes
View Attachments Natively Yes; can view more than 600 file types without needing the application installed No, app or viewer must be purchased and installed
Reminder Notes Yes Yes, but requires Zimlets.
Random Patterns for Recurring Appointments Yes No
Management of Tasks Sent to Multiple Recipients Yes Yes
Automatic Updating/Revising of Appointments by Sender Yes Yes
Drag Content to Begin Email Yes No
Drag and Drop Messages in Web Client Yes Yes
Rich Busy-Search Capabilities Yes Yes
Native Phone Items Yes Yes
Feature-Rich, Customizable Home View Yes, enhanced in GroupWise 2014 Limited
Navigation Bar Yes Yes
Photos in Address Book Yes, in personal address books Photos and images can be uploaded to contacts in address books
Preserve Attachments When Changing Item Type Yes No
Add Web Panels to Home View Yes No
Browse Team Collaboration Sites/Files/Folders from Email Yes, natively with Micro Focus® Vibe No

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