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The concept of “workplace” has been reimagined, renegotiated and utterly redefined. The result? Work today happens anywhere it needs to. So it’s imperative that users have easy access to their mission-critical GroupWise data anywhere they have an Internet connection. A complete refresh of the WebAccess interface in GroupWise 2012 lets them be more productive than ever with recurring appointment creation, graphical busy-search, column sorting, consistent cross-client signatures, personal contact photos and group management capabilities. With significant benefits for users and administrators alike, the web isn’t just a fallback option anymore; it’s a rich, robust environment that more and more organizations are using as their primary interface to GroupWise.

Mobility used to be defined by pagers and a few cell phone models the size and shape of bricks. Today, mobile devices are as varied as the people using them. They’re cropping up in organizations—whether above or below the IT radar—with an astonishing breadth of form factors and supporting platforms. But you can keep it all under control with Novell GroupWise Mobility Service. This complement to Novell GroupWise lets users access their GroupWise mailbox data from any ActiveSync-enabled mobile device, using their native clients. It offers access to mail, calendar data, contacts, and tasks, and can synchronize with a wide variety of mobile devices that use the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile operating systems. Best of all, GroupWise Mobility Service is a free entitlement for GroupWise customers with maintenance. And if you’ve got BlackBerry users, you can also leverage support through Novell’s long-standing partnership with Research In Motion and the excellent support available through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise.

And what about the ubiquitous iPad and similar tablets? They're the latest must-have end user accessory, and they're spreading like digital dandelions in most organizations. Well, you can support them with GroupWise Mobility Service. Or you can take advantage of new web templates in GroupWise 2012. Designed specifically to take advantage of the interface and capabilities of Apple, Android and BlackBerry tablets, these web templates let you access your GroupWise post office directly from your device to check and create messages, appointments, tasks and more.


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