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Still on GroupWise 8?

If you're still on GroupWise 8, there's every reason to get current today! A number of key enhancements have been made to the product in recent releases, and you'll want to take immediate advantage. Here's a summary of the many ways GroupWise 2014 will spark flexibility, agility and all-around productivity at every level of your organization.

IT goes mobile.

Unchain your administrators from both ConsoleOne and the office. Now you can administer your GroupWise system anytime, anywhere, using any standard web browser and an Internet connection. Everything is streamlined, with a live system overview page that shows what’s running and what’s not—making it easier (and more convenient) to administer GroupWise than ever.

Got AD?

It literally doesn’t matter what directory you run. GroupWise 2014 works with Micro Focus eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, a mix of directories, or no directory at all. LDAP handles the synchronization, so everything co-exists, with no modifications needed.

Ask anything.

There’s a treasure-trove of data sitting unused in your GroupWise system. Now you can mine the details with advanced querying and reporting—and a new global search function that lets you find just about anything in your GroupWise system by typing a few simple characters.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

GroupWise is now accessible on more devices than ever—including iOS8, Android 4.3, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10—and the new GroupWise Mobility Service supports up to 750 users and 1,000 devices per server. And real-time monitoring for your mobility service gives you at-a-glance visibility into system health and performance. It’s the kind of mobile efficiency that can take your IT department up, up, up the executive-appreciation chain.

Bring your tablets along for the ride.

Tablets are fast becoming a workplace necessity. Users have them, and they want to bring them to the office. So embrace BYOD—and the user productivity that comes with it—by leveraging new web templates designed specifically for iOS, Android and PlayBook tablets. Your users will thank you, and so will your bottom line.

When in doubt, delegate.

Once, every GroupWise admin had full access to the entire GroupWise system. That’s fine for a small organization with a single admin. But it’s tricky when multiple admins share the load. GroupWise now lets you designate exactly who can access what—granting and limiting admin rights to specific domains or post offices in your system.

It's so pretty.

Today's GroupWise is lean and lovely—with a clean aesthetic and a fluid new interface that automatically “bubbles up” relevant features and commands, while hiding little-used functions so they never make an unsightly mess. Your users will love the new look!

Let it slide.

When you’re working in GroupWise, just click on the little arrow you’ll see throughout the interface and slide out the options related to that task. It’s like having a drawer filled with all the tools you might ever need but don’t always want left open. The tools are still there, but the slide-out keeps your workspace clean and ready for action.

Go with the flow.

Composing is fluid. So when you’re writing an email, you shouldn’t have to make decisions at a single point in time. Say what you want to say—and then decide what kind of email you want it to be, how you want to send it, and whom to send it to. The point is that software should accommodate your work patterns…and the latest version of GroupWise does that like a champ.

File it like Beckham.

Do more than drag and drop (and hope it lands in the right folder). To file an email, just right-click and choose where you want it stored. You can still drag and drop if you want to, but a fast right-click is easy, convenient and never “drops” an email into the wrong place accidentally.

Get TO it quick.

First we offered name completion—to eliminate tiresome typing when the system can easily identify who you're likely wanting to contact in the first few clicks. But what if all you had to do was click on the TO field to access your most frequent contacts? Stop imagining and start doing. It’s like having your very own personalized address book pop up every time you start a message.

Peacefully coexist.

Mergers, acquisitions, and even simple political pressure can result in a mixed email environment in a single organization. So forget about choosing between GroupWise and Exchange. Use both, side by side, because they work together—and not just for sending messages and scheduling appointments, but for busy searching and address book synchronization too.

Collaborate without borders.

GroupWise simplifies cross-organization calendaring—even for organizations that use different messaging tools—by letting you subscribe to external calendars and publish your own calendar with free/busy information to external colleagues. As a result, scheduling meetings with participants from different organizations is a simple, streamlined process.

Reduce calendar clutter and scheduling headaches.

The days of spending hours trying to schedule a meeting are over. GroupWise gives you intuitive graphical busy searches, multi-user calendars with proxy account overlays, simplified recurring appointment creation, minimized redistribution of modified appointments and other capabilities that cut the busy work so you can get down to business.

Get productive with your teams.

New integrations between GroupWise and Micro Focus® Vibe also give team productivity a significant boost, such as the ability to view live Vibe content in your GroupWise inbox, drag and drop items between GroupWise and Vibe folders, and integrated search capabilities between the two products.

Simplify information sharing.

To make it easier to find, interact and share information with others, GroupWise incorporates a relevance sorting engine that presents your most-used contacts, folders and categories first. It also gives you the ability to share a complete folder tree and all its nested folders with a single click.

Work anywhere.

Web interfaces evolve rapidly, and the latest GroupWise offers a completely refreshed WebAccess interface to make remote and mobile users more productive than ever. It delivers auto-refresh, recurring appointment creation, graphical busy-search, column sorting, consistent cross-client signatures, personal contact photos and group management capabilities.

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