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GroupWise Digital Certificates

Get a digital certificate to use in GroupWise

Apply for a Digital Certificate for GroupWise from a Certification Authority

Certificate Server

We provide an enterprise PKI solution with our Certificate Server which offers the ability to freely mint an unlimited number of digital certificates for use in enabling secure e-mail (S/MIME) applications. Certificate Server is natively integrated into Micro Focus eDirectory™, offering an enterprise Certificate Authority (CA) capability. Certificates and private keys are generated on the server and stored securely in NDS, then downloaded over an encrypted session to the user's workstation(s) to enable S/MIME digital certificates for GroupWise® for sending and receiving digitally signed and encrypted e-mail.

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GlobalSign is an expanding European network of certification authorities providing digital certificates for secure business-to-business e-commerce. GlobalSign offers a range of certificate solutions for both personal and corporate environment.

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Use your Internet browser to download certificate

Once you apply for a digital certificate from one of the above certification authorities, you will receive specific instructions about downloading it. You are required to use your Internet browser to download the digital certificate when it is ready for pickup. If you are using:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Your digital certificate is ready for GroupWise to use immediately after you download it.


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