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Do I really need to extend printing to mobile devices?

If your users aren't asking for mobile printing capabilities, they soon will be. The proliferation of mobile devices alone will create more and more situations in which individuals need to print from their mobile devices. In a recent Quocirca study, 60% of respondents state that their organizations would like to print from mobile devices. By using Novell iPrint you can offer mobile printing without compromising IT control. When your users start to demand mobile printing, you'll be ready.

Doesn't my Microsoft environment provide self-service printing?

You can try. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a solution for mixed-client environments (such as those with Windows, Mac and Linux). To offer self-service print capabilities with Microsoft you will need some expertise in scripting and printing. That costs considerable time or money, or both, and still doesn't address all your print-service needs for a mix of platforms and devices. Finally, Microsoft Active Directory won't support mobile device printing. You need IDs to associate mobile devices to printers to authorize people to print. Novell iPrint associates with Apple ID, Google ID, Active Directory, eDirectory and more.

How is Novell iPrint different from the competition like HP, Xerox and so on?

There are two downsides to most of our competitors' solutions. First, many require specific hardware. These new printers and other hardware can be quite expensive and leave your organization locked into a certain vendor. Other competitor solutions require sending work through the cloud, which is significantly less secure and can require significant bandwidth for certain printing jobs.

Because of its ability to scale, work with legacy printers and simplify printing environments, Novell iPrint offers a lower total cost of ownership than many competitor offerings.

Do I really need to worry about print security?

According to a study done by Canon in Europe, 70% of organizations have suffered a print security breach. Other surveys have received similar responses. If you're willing to risk your company's intellectual property whenever someone wants to print, you don't need print security. Otherwise, you should look into the safeguards and controls that Novell iPrint offers your IT team.

Do I need NetWare, eDirectory or Open Enterprise Server to run iPrint?

No. Novell iPrint is now available as a standalone appliance. It is a virtual appliance that works with Active Directory and other lightweight directory-access protocol (LDAP) directories and has minimal requirements. See the Technical Info page for minimum specifications.

Can iPrint integrate with any third-party print accounting solutions?

Yes. Novell iPrint integrates with third-party solutions (including PaperCut, Pcounter, Nuance and Equitrac) to provide full accounting capabilities. You can get a very detailed accounting of printing consumption, including charge-back capabilities. These partner products offer powerful account management features—like requiring swipe-card access to print at all or allowing you to prompt users to use less-expensive printing options (reminding users, for example, to use black and white instead of color whenever possible).

I am current on Novell Open Enterprise Server maintenance. Am I entitled to the Mobile iPrint version?

No. Desktop iPrint comes with Open Enterprise Server but the mobile capabilities in Mobile iPrint need to be purchased separately.

If I am on NetWare and upgrade to Novell Open Enterprise Server, do I get iPrint for free?

You will receive Desktop iPrint as an entitlement of Open Enterprise Server if you upgrade and hold an active maintenance subscription. Additionally, the mobile printing capabilities can be purchased as a supplement to the Desktop version.

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