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Simplified enterprise mobile printing

Novell iPrint connects all your organization's workstations and mobile devices to your current printers. It allows IT to set up a self-service printing environment in which employees can print on demand instead of calling IT with print-provisioning needs. Novell iPrint works with your current users in Active Directory or eDirectory to provide authentication. Users on Windows, Mac, Linux and most mobile device platforms can send print jobs through iPrint to both new and legacy printers from all the major print vendors, without worrying about print drivers.

Print using a mobile app

Users of iOS and Android mobile devices can download apps that allow them to print from their mobile devices directly to any of your organization's printers. Even if they are halfway around the world, they can use the "Open in" or "Share with" capabilities in their phone or tablet to print from their mobile applications to an iPrint printer. They can select the printer from a list and adjust all of the basic print specifications through a simple touch-screen-friendly interface.

Novell iPrint provides all of the necessary document rendering and conversion.

Self-service mobile printing

Employees can print from their mobile devices—without waiting for the helpdesk to set-up a printer. Whether through AirPrint, an iPrint app or email, users can print to any organizational printer from their mobile devices without contacting the helpdesk for authorization, drivers or other details. Users can begin printing with just a few mouse clicks—no training required.

Wireless printing through AirPrint integration

AirPrint is Apple's zero-configuration printing service; it makes wireless printing extremely easy. Unfortunately, you usually need an AirPrint-enabled printer. Instead of buying expensive new printers, you can now use Novell iPrint to make your current printers AirPrint-capable. Users of iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices will see those printers on their devices without having to install anything, even an app. They can print to those printers with a single touch.

Email print jobs to any iPrint printer

Users can print from any email-enabled device by sending an email to iPrint. Administrators can set up a single email address for the organization's printing, or one for each printer. Your organization's email administrator can also set up white lists and other controls to increase the security of your mobile, email-based printing and make sure iPrint only processes relevant print jobs.

Works with legacy printers

Novell iPrint can save your organization money in multiple ways. By working across heterogeneous environments, iPrint prevents you from having to buy multiple print solutions. Perhaps more importantly, Novell iPrint eliminates the need for you to purchase new printers. Novell iPrint renders and converts print jobs coming from mobile devices and sends them to any printer, thus eliminating the need for special mobile-ready printers. You can even make AirPrint printing a possibility without purchasing new, AirPrint-enabled printers.

Novell iPrint also scales well, giving IT a central and easy-to-manage printing solution. Together with the decrease in helpdesk calls that comes from self-service printing, this means iPrint can significantly reduce the hours needed to manage your print solution.

Leverages your current directory service

Novell iPrint makes secure printing easy by integrating its data store with your identity directory. By working with lightweight directory-access protocol (LDAP) sources like eDirectory and Active Directory, iPrint can authenticate your users to increase your print security. In addition, iPrint can authenticate users through the next generation of identity services, such as social identities, Apple ID or a Google profile. This means no matter what mobile device an employee wants to use, iPrint offers authentication to keep your organization's information secure.

Works in a heterogeneous environment

Novell iPrint can save IT time and money by significantly reducing the management burden required for mixed fleets of Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. It works across the major mobile platforms as well, meaning IT only has to manage a single print solution for all your organization's endpoints.

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