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Novell Distributed Print Services™ (NDPS®)

Distributed Print Services is Novell's premier print solution. NDPS Allows administrators to take advantage of built in printer intelligence, and reduces the hassles of network printing for end users.

Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) is the result of a development effort by Novell, Hewlett-Packard*, and Xerox*. NDPS offers important improvements over Novell's legacy queue-based print service architecture. It was designed to handle the increased complexity of managing modern printers in a network environment and to exploit the new functionality offered by these printers. The power and versatility of NDPS will help you get the most out of your printing resources, whether you're in a small workgroup or an enterprise-wide system.


Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) is software that simplifies network print services. It provides easier, more efficient network management of printers as well as improved user control over network printers.

With NDPS you can handle management tasks for a printer through a single object, called a printer agent. NDPS allows administrators to remotely install printers on users' workstations, provides automatic driver download, allows administrators to get the status of printers from any workstation, and reduces network bandwidth needs.

NDPS makes it easier for users to find a printer and to print from their workstations. A user can view printers on the network, see each printer's job status, and send an urgent printing job to the printer with the smallest workload. NDPS also enables users to choose customized printer configurations from their workstations. For example, you can specify that you want to be notified if a printer is busy, the paper tray is empty, or a print job is finished.

NDPS includes NetWare Loadable Modules and administrative tools (such as a snap-in to NetWare® Administrator) that enable easy configuration and management of your network's print services.

NDPS is bundled with NetWare 5 and above. NDPS supports Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 95/98 workstations natively. It also supports Macintosh, Unix, and other operating systems through the IPP and LPR/LPD protocols.

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