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Powerful file and print services

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Introducing Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2015. Now Available Delight your users with enterprise class file sharing from Filr

Free your mobile workers with enterprise class file access and sharing. Filr has been designed with the enterprise in mind, resulting in less administration, better security and more productive users.

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Don't leave your Macs out in the cold. Say Aloha to Micro Focus Kanaka.

Open Enterprise Server customers are entitled to the premier tool to connect Macs to enterprise networks, Kanaka. We know the popularity of Mac is growing and we're making it easier for our customers to support Mac users.

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Leverage your investments and lower costs

Moving to Open Enterprise Server costs less than a Windows migration, lets you leverage your investments, and delivers key services for less.

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Simplify and streamline network management

Streamline, consolidate, and simplify with the enhanced management capabilities of Open Enterprise Server.

Get peace of mind using services with proven reliability

Advanced networking, file and print services that have been enterprise-proven for decades as highly reliable, scalable, and available.

Build your network on the world's most powerful Linux platform

Benefit from the world's best Linux with industry-leading file capabilities, now and in the future.

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Enhance end-user productivity

Keep users productive by ensuring access and providing easy self-service.

File and NSS


Provide file access for the broadest range of clients, servers and protocols, while strengthening security access, protecting against file corruption and increasing the ease with which users and applications can fully share files with other users.

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Dynamic Storage Technology

Significantly reduce storage management costs, facilitate regulatory compliance and improve backup and recovery of your critical data.

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Micro Focus iFolder

Store, access, organize and manage your files from anywhere at any time. As a powerful, encrypted online file synchronization and online transfer tool, Micro focus iFolder® gives you worry-free security, ensuring that user files are always safe, secure and up to date, while allowing you to share information with others with web access.

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iSCSI Support

iSCSI Support gives you a low-cost alternative to Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs). It allows you to leverage your existing Ethernet infrastructure to create an easily manageable, affordable SANs that offers the same benefits of other SANs, such as high-availability clustering, data consolidation, and storage provisioning.

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NetStorage gives you secure Internet-based access to all files and folders stored on Open Enterprise Server. NetStorage authentication relies on the power of NetIQ® eDirectory™ to provide secure access, so Internet-based access is as safe as accessing files from within the network.

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Distributed File Services

Simplify the location and management of file data for your administrators and end users by using distributed file services to create a single, virtual file system that spans multiple machines and maximizes the use and performance of storage resources.

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Linux POSIX File Systems

Open Enterprise Server supports a variety of Linux POSIX File Systems, including btrfs, Ext2, Ext3, XFS, and Reiser.

Print services

Micro Focus iPrint Server

Micro Focus iPrint is one of the most popular tools in Open Enterprise Server. It allows network managers to maintain one repository of printer drivers locally for all users to leverage automatically and as-needed.

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Micro Focus iPrint Client

Micro Focus iPrint reduces helpdesk calls and the complexity of printer set-ups by enabling end users to easily locate and install printers using a browser and an office floor plan. It provides global access to printers, customizable views of any print environment, flexible print deployment configurations and easy, secure printing.

Micro Focus iPrint for mobile offers anytime, anywhere access to your network printers with all of the same benefits of printing from the desktop.*

*Mobile licenses can be purchased for an additional cost.

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Domain Services for Windows

With Domain Services for Windows, you don't need to spin up new Windows servers every time you add a business application. It lets you leverage the industry-leading directory services environment you've already established, and have those new business apps authenticate against it—saving money and streamlining your infrastructure.

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Native Windows Client Access

For users that don't want all the overhead of an Active Directory-style presentation, CIFS provide basic workgroup authentication and access to the OES Windows NSS file system on Linux from a Windows workstation without requiring the OES windows Client.

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Native Mac Client Access

Without installing any additional software, the OES AFP support in Open Enterprise Server lets you seamlessly copy, delete, move, create, save, and open network files from your Mac as if you were accessing them locally.

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Linux User Management

A directory-enabled application, Linux User Management simplifies administration of and access to Linux-based platforms on your network by allowing you to create and manage user profiles for all Linux resources on the network from a single administrative interface.

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Enhanced Client Services

The OES Windows Client workstation software extends the capabilities of Linux and Windows desktops by providing a broader range of OES services such as authentication via NetIQ eDirectory, network browsing and service resolution, and secure and reliable file system access. The OES Windows Client supports our traditional NCP protocol.

Proven network management

Centralized Management of Essential Services

With tools that centralize management, assess the condition of servers, simplify migration and consolidation, enable user self-service and schedule or automate routine tasks, Open Enterprise Server keeps your systems working optimally, and lets you do the same.

Server Health Monitoring

Eliminate time wasted manually watching your network. The Server Health Monitoring capabilities in Open Enterprise Server via CIM and Nagios/Ganglia based server-health monitoring let you check the status of your servers with a quick glance from any web browser whenever you want.

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Micro Focus iManager

The browser-based monitoring tool in Micro Focus iManager gives you a global view of your network, allowing you to centrally manage it from a single location. Micro Focus iManager provides a number of advanced capabilities that enhance your administrative capacity and flexibility to eliminate redundancy, save time and save money.

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Linux User Management

A directory-enabled application, Linux User Management simplifies administration of and access to Linux-based platforms on your network by allowing you to create and manage user profiles for all Linux resources on the network from a single administrative interface.

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Identity Manager 4.0 Bundle Edition

Leverage the value of mixed environments and solutions without creating security and administrative headaches. The Identity Manager Bundle Edition synchronizes user accounts and passwords in mixed environments and simplifies identity management. It includes drivers for NetIQ eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory.

Support Advisor

An innovative diagnostic tool provided by SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 11, Support Advisor reads log files and configuration settings, maps them to the latest known issues, analyzes data, and generates results and recommendations to let you diagnose problems more effectively and resolve issues faster.

Customer Center Integration

Customer Center lets you review the status of all your products, subscriptions and services and obtain critical Linux updates and support from one location. Customer Center combines the innovative tools and automated services you need to ensure licensing compliance and reduce systems-management costs.

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Most advanced Linux platform

Cross-platform Virtualization

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 is optimized to work with popular third-party virtualization hypervisors, including VMware ESX, Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V. It also includes a VMI-enabled kernel, allowing more efficient communication with VMware ESX to deliver superior performance when running as a guest operating system.

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Green IT Innovations

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server features innovative power saving capabilities that let you derive maximum performance per watt, such as its "Tickless" idle which allows CPUs to remain in power-saving states for longer periods of time.

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Fast Update Stack

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 includes a new set of technologies that improve update speeds and installation of new packages for Open Enterprise Server systems by more than 100 times, providing the fastest performance of any enterprise Linux distribution. Systems that might have taken hours to update in the past, now take minutes.

AutoYaST Enhancements

Improvements to AutoYaST enable Open Enterprise Server administrators to automate and accelerate server deployments, facilitate migration efforts, and enjoy more control and flexibility over administrative processes through more custom scripting options. For the first time ever you can now upgrade your server in an automated unattended fashion, with tools provided in Open Enterprise Server 11.

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High Performance

Open Enterprise Server systems can take advantage of the High Performance computing power inherent in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server that the majority of the world's largest supercomputing sites already leverage.

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