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Cross-platform Virtualization

Superior performance across multiple virtualization platforms.

Optimized to work with popular third-party virtualization hypervisors, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server delivers outstanding performance with VMware ESX (hypervisor component of the VMware Infrastructure), Xen (proven open source virtualization hypervisor) and Microsoft Hyper-V. It includes a VMI-enabled (VMware's Virtual Machine Interface) kernel that allows more efficient communication with VMware ESX to deliver superior performance when running as a guest operating system.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server delivers the leading implementation of Xen, the proven open source virtualization hypervisor. It includes graphical and command line tools for the creation, configuration, deployment, migration and life cycle management of Linux and Windows virtual machines. IT managers can increase resource utilization, provision business services faster, and increase business continuity by using this capability integrated in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It supports paravirtualization (with modified guest operating systems) as well as full virtualization (with unmodified guest operating systems), delivering maximum flexibility and performance.

As a result of deep technical collaboration between our company and Microsoft, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been optimized for cross-platform virtualization to ensure customers have maximum choice and can achieve the best performance from their virtualized workloads—whether they are running Windows Server guests on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Xen, or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server guests on Windows Server with Hyper-V.

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