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Aloha Novell Kanaka! It's Hawaiian for "individual."

We know Mac lovers. They live here, too. Finally, you can show your Mac users the love by adopting Novell Kanaka, the best way to integrate Mac workstations into your enterprise network. Kanaka gives users single log-in functionality to all the Open Enterprise Server network resources, just like PCs get. Only now you don't have to pay extra for it.

Choose to deploy either a client or plug-in, depending on your usage scenarios. The client is the right choice when the Mac workstation is dedicated to a single user. The plug-in is better when the workstation is shared, as is common in educational institutions and hospitals.

Why make things more complex than they have to be?

Without Kanaka, customers have had to employ complicated, manual work-arounds to integrate their Mac users with the network and for ongoing maintenance. Kanaka makes users and IT happy by simplifying the user experience and the administration of Mac clients.

You and your Mac users will love the benefits of Kanaka:

  • Authentication to eDirectory™ via the desktop client or the plug-in
  • User single sign-on
  • Find storage resources easily in the Mac Finder or the desktop
  • eDirectory password self-service


How can I get it?

If you are an Open Enterprise Server customer and already a Kanaka user, you will not have to renew your contract. You will be entitled to deploy Kanaka for your licensed Open Enterprise Server users. Open Enterprise Server customers with current maintenance will be able to receive their Kanaka licenses through Novell Customer Center.

+ Novell Kanaka for Mac documentation

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