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How to: Join Novell PartnerNet

Novell Login

Before you can join PartnerNet®, you must first establish Novell Login identity by clicking here.

After creating your account, validate your email address by responding to the email sent to you by the above process.

Associate your Novell Login with PartnerNet

After you have established a Novell Login and validated your email address, you can join PartnerNet by associating your Novell Login with PartnerNet by clicking here.

After successfully joining PartnerNet, you will receive an email that will indicate your PartnerNet ID, and the level of your PartnerNet membership. (The default free level is "Novell Silver Partner")

Additional PartnerNet Entitlement

PartnerNet accounts may qualify for additional entitlements, including access to Novell's OES Beta product. Novell encourages OES Partners to begin testing their products with the next OES release as early as possible. To request the "OES Partner Beta Product" entitlement, contact:

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