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Novell iFolder

Novell iFolder® lets you access, organize, and manage your files from anywhere, anytime. This file synchronization and transfer tool gives end users powerful back-up, access, and sharing capabilities, greatly simplifying their ability to stay productive. With iFolder, a user's most important files are automatically backed up to the server, but also synched to any workstation they use. Or, users can access their iFolders from any Web-enabled computer. Now, iFolder is optimized for group access as well, helping teams to collaborate with up-to-date files. With updated clients for Macintosh and Linux, all users can take advantage of this powerful storage technology. More +

Novell iPrint

It doesn't have to be difficult for users to figure out how to use a printer. With Novell iPrint, the leading printing solution in Novell Open Enterprise Server, end users locate and install printers using a browser and an office floorplan, reducing the complexity of typical printer set-ups and the number of helpdesk calls. Using the industry-standard Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), iPrint provides global access to printers, customizable views of any print environment, flexible print deployment configurations and easy, secure printing. More +


QuickFinder, a site-specific search engine, gives your Web site visitors fast, easy access to the information they need most—while delivering hassle-free administration to you. QuickFinder also offers a variety of indexing and organizing features. More +

Novell Clients

The Novell Clients help you connect with the full range of Novell services on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Windows XP or Windows Vista. They enable users on Windows* or Linux* platforms to enjoy the added benefits of Novell eDirectory, integrated messaging, single synchronized login and multiprotocol support. More +

Novell NetStorage

Give users secure access to files from anywhere. NetStorage provides secure Internet-based access to all files and folders stored on Novell Open Enterprise Server. NetStorage authentication relies on the power of Novell eDirectory™ to provide secure access, so Internet-based access is as secure as accessing files from within the network. More +

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