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Open Workgroup Suite

Save money with a flexible, cost-effective alternative to Microsoft

Improving productivity doesn't have to break your budget. With Open Workgroup Suite, now available with Micro Focus® Vibe and ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management included, you can save more than 70% on IT infrastructure, collaboration and productivity software acquisition costs compared to a Microsoft solution. The next-generation collaboration tools of Open Workgroup Suite enable your organization to improve workforce productivity, preserve IT flexibility, and maintain needed levels of service and support while you cut costs.

Keep Your Costs Down and Your Options Open

A Microsoft-centric IT infrastructure can lead to out-of-control costs. To get Microsoft Office or other products, many organizations feel forced to deploy Microsoft software from the desktop to the server because it is too costly to buy the products individually. But when you commit to the full Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform, you find that you've paid for software you didn't want or didn't need, that you must now purchase additional Microsoft products to gain full functionality, and that you're locked in to a single vendor.

That might not be a problem—until you want to upgrade your infrastructure or deploy best-of-breed solutions for specific workloads. Then you discover the many dependencies that exist among Microsoft applications, making it hard to deploy or upgrade one component at a time. This can lead you into lengthy and costly projects focused on Microsoft product standardization, instead of projects aimed at improving workforce productivity and streamlining business processes.

Pay Less, Get More

Open Workgroup Suite is a flexible, interoperable and standards-based alternative to costly and exclusive Microsoft products. It offers office productivity, collaboration and IT infrastructure functionality comparable to the Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform for up to 70% less.

Open Workgroup Suite with Vibe including Priority Maintenance* Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform
Three-year cost per user/device
US$485 US$1,221

And with maintenance, Open Workgroup Suite keeps delivering value long after purchase because it includes the training and support you need to generate long-term ROI. With these savings, you'll have budget to invest in other strategic initiatives and business process improvements.

Open Workgroup Suite with Vibe including Priority Maintenance* Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform
  • Server licenses included
  • Unlimited product support included
  • Electronic training included
  • Server licenses sold separately
  • Limited support depending on actual spend

*Open Workgroup Suite Linux with Vibe

Comparable Functionality, Better Value

If you're considering Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, you should take a look at Vibe. While the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is about building customer web pages and web sites, Vibe is a native, out-of-the-box application that focuses on increasing team productivity. Our solution delivers the productivity tools, document sharing and automated workflow you need without all the strings attached.

Vibe is based on open standards and open source so you can customize it to fit your exact needs. And it works with technologies and products you already own—including Microsoft Office, Outlook, Windows and more—helping you gain new returns on old investments.

In contrast, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server only integrates with Microsoft Office, and it works only with Internet Explorer as your web browser. And to get the product's full functionality, you'll also need to purchase or own Office, Windows Server, Active Directory, Outlook/Exchange Server, Office Communicator/Communications Server, Live Meeting and Office SharePoint Server. You'll have a fully functioning collaboration platform—and a lot of products and features you don't need—built on an exclusive Microsoft stack, but you'll also sacrifice your future choices.

Keep it simple. Keep it open. Keep it productive.

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