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Open Workgroup Suite

Choose the deployment and purchase option that meets your needs

With ever-increasing demands on your systems, you need a flexible, interoperable IT infrastructure that works with your existing investments. And budget realities mean that you need to pay only for what you need—and never for what you don't—to ensure you're using your resources to your best advantage. That's why, at, we build flexibility and choice into everything we do.

Open Workgroup Suite offers you several different deployment options so you can get exactly what you need, leverage what you already have and leave your options open for future growth.

Package Options

Open Workgroup Suite with Micro Focus® Vibe
This option includes Vibe, runs on multiple platforms and is sold as license + maintenance.

Open Workgroup Suite with Vibe for alternate messaging platforms
This package is right for you if you're running Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes as your enterprise messaging platform. This package is sold as license + maintenance.

Open Workgroup Suite
This option runs on multiple back-end platforms and is sold as license + maintenance. Vibe is not included, but if you already own the original version, you can upgrade to the new version of the suite that includes Vibe.

Open Workgroup Suite Components

The most robust version of the Open Workgroup Suite includes the following product components:

  • Open Enterprise Server: A powerful, flexible platform to host your collaboration data and applications
  • ZENworks® Configuration Management: A systems management tool that automates software setup, updates, healing and migration for Windows desktop computers
  • GroupWise®*: A personal-productivity dashboard that provides secure and reliable e-mail and calendaring
  • Vibe: A personal and team productivity application that includes next-generation collaboration tools such as virtual workspaces and enterprise social software

Exercise Your Options Today

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*GroupWise is not included in Open Workgroup Suite for alternate messaging platforms.

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