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Novell Open Enterprise Server components

The included Novell Open Enterprise Server components deliver award-winning file-and-print networking, communication capabilities and collaboration tools with unmatched security, reliability and scalability. You can securely control access to IT resources, easily manage your network from any Web browser, and enjoy unparalleled interoperability between the server room and your users' desktops. You'll also increase productivity because your users can easily share files, back up their work automatically and print to any network printer without struggling through cumbersome setup procedures or involving the helpdesk.

What is Novell Open Enterprise Server?

Novell Open Enterprise Server is a network operating system based on SUSE® Linux Enterprise, the open, flexible platform for mission-critical computing from Novell. It features proven, enterprise-class workgroup services that are easy to deploy and manage.

What does that mean for you?

Because you need a powerful, easy-to-manage infrastructure services solution, Novell Open Workgroup Suite for Small Business comes with the following Novell Open Enterprise Server components:

  • Novell iFolder®: Increase user productivity, access and share files easily from anywhere and backup your files automatically.
  • Novell iPrint: Print documents quickly and reliably from anywhere—without setup and without involving the helpdesk.
  • Novell eDirectory™: Gain real-time control over user identities and network resources, and decrease IT administration costs using this award-winning directory service.
  • Novell iManager: Proactively assess and respond to your changing network demands from one browser-based tool.
  • Samba: Enable your Linux and Windows servers to interoperate with Windows clients.

Novell iFolder
Novell iFolder is a simple and secure storage solution that increases productivity by enabling your users to back up, access and manage files from anywhere, at anytime. Users can update and share files automatically, protect sensitive information and take advantage of exciting new features that simplify file management.

Whether you are working on your office or home PC, a disconnected notebook or even at an Internet kiosk in an airport halfway around the world, your files are instantly available. Novell iFolder backs up your work immediately, so your files are always protected and easily recovered, even if your local data is lost. And later, when you move to a different location and a different PC, your files are automatically updated to reflect work you did elsewhere—with no e-mails to yourself, flash drives to lose or file transfers required.

Novell iPrint
Is your helpdesk tired of solving printing problems? Novell iPrint extends print services securely across multiple networks and operating systems. It makes all your company's printing resources instantly accessible to authorized users with only a Web browser and a few mouse clicks.

Whether your users are in your office building, telecommuting from home or attending a sales meeting thousands of miles away, Novell iPrint ensures that they can print documents quickly and reliably without setup, without the helpdesk and without wasting a moment of their time—or yours.

Novell eDirectory
Novell eDirectory is the foundation for the world's largest identity management deployments. With Novell eDirectory—a key component of Novell Open Enterprise Server—you have real-time control over users' access to network resources, which helps block unauthorized access and saves you money. Novell eDirectory gives you a systematic way to unify identities, resources and devices with policies, applications, files, people, peripheral devices and other important network components of your choice.

Novell eDirectory is the groundwork that enables secure identity management solutions and multiplatform network services. As a high-end directory service, it allows businesses to manage identities and security access for employees, customers and partners.

Novell iManager
Novell iManager is a Web-based administration console that provides customized access to network administration utilities and content from virtually any location in the world. You can stay on the alert through its browser-based monitoring tool, and can get a complete view and manage the demands of your network from a single location. Novell iManager provides a number of capabilities that advance your administrative capacity and flexibility.

Novell iManager provides a global view of your network, allowing you to proactively assess and respond to your changing network demands. It even supports third-party services that already exist in your mixed IT environment. It also provides a single point of administration for directory objects, schema, partitions, replicas and many other network resources. Let iManager help you eliminate administrative redundancy, saving you both time and money.

Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is a free component of Novell Open Enterprise Server, and allows for interoperability between Linux servers and Windows-based clients.

Samba uses the TCP/IP protocol installed on the host server. When correctly configured, it allows that host to interact with a Microsoft Windows client or server as if it were a Windows file and print server. Samba delivers flexibility and freedom during setup and configuration, and helps protect you from vendor lock in.

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