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Integrated CMDB

Get all the information you need to make smart, informed decisions.

A central configuration management database (CMDB), knowledgebase and data warehouse are essential tools as you work to make informed decisions, resolve incidents and request changes.

The Service Desk CMDB is a centralized repository for all service-management information that is found, inventoried, and managed through ZENworks® and other of our and third-party products. Connectors enable Service Desk to automatically populate and continuously synchronize the CMDB.

Knowledgebase information resides in the CMDB. It contains the product and user knowledge that allows support analysts to quickly identify and resolve incidents. Within Service Desk, support analysts can create and manage knowledgebase articles. They can even make this information accessible to both IT staff and end users. This integration helps to drive down the ongoing cost of support and unifies knowledge across your IT organization.

  • Knowledge management Powerful knowledge management features in Service Desk give you efficient knowledge creation, publication, and distribution processes that can help you speed resolution times, reduce frustration and empower end users to solve their own problems.Read more
  • Build a more productive, responsive service environment Service Desk software will help you reduce your mean time to repair (MTTR) and continually improve your service management environment by streamlining and automating service desk functions.Read more

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