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Allocates Storage Based on Role

Allocates Storage Based on Role

Meet the needs of individual users automatically

When organizations allocate user and group network storage, they do so based on users and their roles in the organization. Some roles may require a large amount of network storage with access to an expansive set of collaborative storage areas. Others may only require a minimum allocation of network storage space and no access to collaborative storage areas.

With Storage Manager, you can set policies for storage allocation and access based on roles. That means that when a new employee joins an organization, the employee can be provisioned the network home and collaborative storage needed for the department and location where he or she works. Of course, with Storage Manager all of this is done automatically once the user has been created in Micro Focus eDirectory™ or Microsoft Active Directory.

Furthermore, if the employee moves to a new department or transfers to a new location within the organization, his or her home will change automatically with the new assignment—based on the policies for the new role and/or location.

With Storage Manager, you can easily adjust storage allocation for all users associated by a policy by simply changing the policy itself. For example, you could change the policy so that all associated users are given an additional 500MB of user storage and access to a newly-created collaborative storage area. Once the users associated with that policy log in, they new allocations with take effect.

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