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Automate Routine Storage Tasks and Lower Costs

Generate quick ROI by automating routine storage tasks

Generate quick ROI by automating routine storage tasks

Even in today's technology-savvy world, many companies still handle storage management manually. This requires their IT personnel to individually assign, maintain, archive, and clean up all the storage used by every employee in the company—an expensive ongoing cost.

What if you didn't have to pay IT personnel to handle any modifications to user and collaborative storage? If you manage a mid-size or large organization, your savings will be significant, and you can recoup your original investment in just a few months.

A large credit card company has approximately 50,000 employees. In an average year, the company hires 300 new customer service representatives, 800 collection agents, 200 fraud investigators, 150 credit specialists and 50 administrative personnel. Each of these 1500 new employees needs a network account and storage for critical files. They also need a standard set of orientation files that must be read and signed by all new employees before they can begin work. In addition, all employees must receive access to the collaborative storage shared by their respective workgroups.

If IT personnel have to manually provision all of this storage, they typically require an hour per new employee. That's 1500 hours each year at the average IT salary of US$75 per hour. Under these conditions, the company would spend a total of US$112,500 each year just to manually provision new users. That total doesn't include delays and errors. With a manual provisioning process, new employees might have to wait up to two days to get all the storage and files they need. These scheduling problems—and the resulting delays in productivity—could easily double or triple total provisioning costs.

By deploying the identity-driven Storage Manager, the credit card company would eliminate nearly all of these costs. IT personnel would only have to create the new users' roles within Directory Services—a five-minute process for this organization. All of the users' storage and files would be immediately and automatically allocated based on their roles. The difference in provisioning time and cost is significant. With Storage Manager, the company would have only US$9,000 in basic provisioning costs each year and see annual savings of US$103,500. All delay-related costs would vanish as new users accessed their files and storage on the first day of work.

  • Use Storage Manager. Save Money. The Cobb County School District is saving over US$150,000 per year by using Storage Manager. Success Story
  • Delivering value through simplicity Check out this video to learn how you can reduce the cost and complexity of network storage. Storage Manager Introduction

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