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Make life easier for your IT staff by taking time-consuming storage management tasks off their plate

Storage Manager automates the complete life cycle management of user and group file system storage. As the world's only identity-based storage management solution, Storage Manager leverages the power of network directory services, also referred to as "the directory" (either Micro Focus eDirectory™ or Microsoft Active Directory) with directory-integrated Storage Manager policies.

Policies dictate what actions to perform when an "event" in Directory Services takes place. For example, a government organization's IT department may create a policy for new employees in a particular department that dictates that every employee be granted 500GB of user home directory storage with a subdirectory inside the home directory entitled "HR" and containing an employee handbook, time card, and other documents. Furthermore, the policy can state that the new department member be given access rights to a number of group storage areas for collaboration work with department colleagues.

When Storage Manager sees that a user creation event has taken place, and that the new user is a member of that particular department, it will automatically perform the action.

Policies can be written for various types of events including user creation, user moves, user renames, user deletion, group creation, and much more. You simply set your storage policies in the directory-based on users' identities and roles—and let Storage Manager do the work.

Of particular importance to organizations today is storage compliance to industry and government regulations. Storage Manager policies include file grooming options allowing you to specify what types of files to archive, when to do so, and where to store them.

Identity-driven, policy-based storage management offers tremendous flexibility in solving storage challenges in all types of industries. For example, one forward-thinking school district in the U.S. is using Storage Manager to provision "e-portfolios" for its students. The portfolios move with the students as they advance in grades and schools within the district.

Success Story: Alvarado Independent School District

  • Help your IT staff work more efficiently The School District of Escambia County used us for identity-based management of its desktops and reduced user administration time by 75 percent. Success Story

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