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Prevents Storage of File Types

Create policies to enforce allowable file types and automatically remove prohibited ones

When organizations grant users and groups network storage areas, they often do so with stipulations that the areas be used only for work-related files. Without vigilance however, these network storage areas can become primary repositories for music files, photo albums, side work, and who knows what else?

Storage Manager makes it easy for you to enforce your organization's policies pertaining to what types of files can and cannot be stored in user and collaborative storage areas.

Within the policy, you can stipulate the types of files that cannot be stored in network storage areas. For example, if you had a policy disallowing music and video files on network home and collaborative storage areas, you could indicate that .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .ram, .ra, .wma, .wmv, .avi, and .midi files be identified as unallowable file types.

Upon doing a "Backfill Operation" in Storage Manager, the unallowable file types would be either deleted or moved to less expensive storage. The policy will dictate what is done with the unallowable files.

Large organizations that have traditionally addressed the problem of uncontrollable file storage growth by simply adding more storage, will find Storage Manager's enforcement of allowable file types as a more sensible and cost effective alternative.

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