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Reduce, reuse and recycle your network hardware disk space

"There are two constants in corporate IT—the increasing need for data storage and the rising costs associated with powering and cooling the datacenters that house the storage."
IDC December 2007

In an effort to comply with industry regulations pertaining to long term file retention and access, many organizations are simply adding more lower cost storage hardware and saving everything. But as IDC pointed out in a 2007 report, "Simply continuing to add more storage through traditional methods is unsustainable because many datacenters will be unable to provide the necessary power, space, or cooling. As a result, companies need to be more effective and efficient in the way they provide storage resources."

Exponential storage growth and the factors that contribute to it have only magnified the need for user and group file system storage management.

Storage Manager transforms network user and group storage data from an unmanaged to a fully-automated managed state. It automatically enforces policies for storage allocation, provisioning, allowable file types, vaulting, disposition, and more. As a result, your storage has complete life cycle management, important data are preserved, and the rest is cleaned up as recycled storage space.

Managed Storage Unmanaged Storage
  • Gets your entire user and collaborative storage under control through policies that are enforced automatically
  • Provides full life cycle management of storage including grooming, vaulting, and deleting which minimizes storage used and recycles disk for new storage
  • Exponential growth of storage continues with any management taking place manually
  • More storage is added as a stop gap solution to storage needs

Storage Manager requires no additional hardware devices or databases (which may require files to be duplicated) to manage your storage. All components of Storage Manager reside on the Open Enterprise Server, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, NetWare® server, or Microsoft Windows server.

  • Get acquainted with Storage Manager Learn the basics about Storage Manager’s features and functionality. Podcast Video
  • Storage Manager deep dive Tap into these resources for more detailed information about how Storage Manager works and what it can do for your organization. Podcast White Paper Analyst Report Download Eval

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