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Move Data Without Impacting Users

Moving storage from one device to another is simple and painless

Moving storage from one device to another is simple and painless

Storage Manager includes powerful storage migration capabilities designed to move user and group storage quickly, without interruption of network services. This is in drastic contrast to other data migration tools that require all users to be logged out for a set amount of time while the IT department moves the data.

During a data migration, Storage Manager moves user directories one at a time. If a particular user is logged in during the migration, Storage Manager simply skips over that user directory and proceeds with the next one. When finished, Storage Manager will check back to see if any skipped user directories' owners have logged out and then proceed to move those directories. If users are still logged in, Storage Manager can continue to check back on the status of the logged in user and move his or her home directory when they eventually log out.

Collaborative storage can also be migrated through a Management Action. Storage Manager ensures that user access rights are maintained following the migration of the collaborative storage.

Storage Manager has been the means of migrating user storage in large organizations of various industries throughout the world. For example, one university in the U.S. used Storage Manager to completely automate the migration of more than 70,000 user home directories to a new SAN cluster environment being deployed at the university. Because the process was automated, the university saved thousands of dollars in IT man hours.

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